Coaching For The Pastor & His Wife

As a couple in ministry, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another pastor or pastor’s wife to confide in someone who does not live in your town or attend your church?

There were many times throughout the years that we had that same desire. We longed for someone who had gone before use someone who would listen while we thought out loud and then offer constructive feedback.

Dave and Dawn have always had a very special place in their hearts for the pastor and his wife. Over the years, they have had the privilege of assisting many leaders in their Christian journey. And now they’re here for you, too.

Their story in brief: Since 1980, Dave has been the Senior Pastor in two very different churches. His wife, Dawn, helped him start a church in the Chicago suburbs and Dave currently leads a multi-staff church in New England.

Together they developed major programs and led both churches through significant changes. They have had the tremendous joy of seeing many lives radically changed and are very aware that leadership can be a wonderful yet lonely place.

To read Dawn’s Pastor’s Wife story, go to “Materials” in the left column and click on: “When the Dream Becomes a Nightmare”

Dave was featured as a “turn-around” church pastor in Leadership Journal Magazine. That article “Back From The Brink” is also located in the “Materials” section.

Dave and/or Dawn can coach you and your wife as they:

  • Listen to your concerns and give a fresh perspective
  • Provide a safe place for you to share your journey
  • Coach you to become a Team of Two
  • Show you new tools if you have come to the end in your abilities
  • Fill the gap between the seminars
  • Deal with the criticism
  • Figure out how to implement those new ideas (without rocking the boat too much)They offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation by phone listen to your situation and talk about how they can help you.

COST:  $95/hour (includes two coaches)   HOWEVER: As their gift to those who serve in ministry, Dave and Dawn are willing to offer a sliding scale based on your income.

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