• A Team That Works!

    Dave and Dawn Lind

    Make the transition from an unproductive team to a team that works. Learn to apply simple, powerful and reproducible systems to build a winning team that is focused on purpose!

    Greater effectiveness and productivity for your team!

  • Coaching For The Pastor & His Wife

    As a couple in ministry, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another pastor or pastor’s wife to confide in someone who does not live in your town or attend your church?

    There were many times throughout the years that we had that same desire. We longed for someone who had gone before use someone who would listen while we thought out loud and then offer constructive feedback.

  • Team of Two

    Married couples who are active in business or ministry often find themselves in parallel but separate activities. Discover how to have a joint vision as a Team of Two in which both of you are vital with clearly defined roles.As a couple, are you:

  • Website Creation

    Over the years, many coaches have contacted Focus On Purpose and expressed interest in learning more about the design of our website. People ask, “Who is your web designer and how much does he charge?” As that question was asked more often, we decided to add Website Design to our list of services for coaches.

Meet your Coaches

Dave and Dawn help coach leadership and pastoral couple to discover and focus on their God-given joint vision.